June 4, 2023

June Construction Update

June Construction Update

Welcome to your June construction update. Progress onsite at Marin continues well this month with the capping beam construction now 80% complete and the bulk excavation for the basement is progressed. The team are diligently carrying out this essential task to prepare the foundations for the upcoming construction phases.

This month also marks the beginning of our shotcrete application for the retention walls. This process is vital for the structural stability of the project. The blockwork construction for the boundary walls has also commenced.

In addition, the piling rig will be returning to the site next month, carrying out the crucial foundation piling.

Following the foundation piling, the team will meticulously undertake the detailed dig and pile caps, providing a strong and stable base for the structure. Once the foundation piles are completed, we will start to see the structure come out of the ground in the coming months.

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