March 4, 2024

February 24 Construction Update

February 24 Construction Update

Welcome to your February construction update. Traders In Purple is pleased to share the following update regarding construction progress at Marin.

In an exciting milestone, the construction team have completed the podium level and the first of the typical apartment level slabs. This typical floorplan continues all the way up the building until reaching the roof slab. The painting of the soffit and the install of the hydraulic and electrical services have commenced in the basement and level 1 as the slab formwork back propping is being removed. The main electrical switchboard has been installed to the building, with commissioning ongoing as the building progresses.

The decorative upstand wall which runs along the building facade above the retail has now been completed and the wrapping of the building scaffold is ongoing. The relocation of the temporary site facilities to under the building in level 1 is now complete, opening up the driveway for extra loading / unloading for deliveries and storage.

Looking ahead, the building will start to take shape as the construction team continue forming and pouring the typical apartment slabs.

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